A. Fred Zybell, Tax Attorney specializing in Tax Representation/Tax Reduction Strategies

We help clients manage and resolve their overwhelming tax problems and IRS issues, and would be glad to assist you in any way we can. You don't have to face the government alone.

Our hard-won experience in dealing with the IRS and other government agencies leads many other lawyers and accountants to refer their clients to us for help with such problems. We have, for the last 35 years, specialized in the representation of individuals, partnerships, corporations and businesses throughout the United States in virtually every aspect of income taxation and tax planning.  Furthermore, when you contact A. Fred Zybell, your case will be handled by a licensed attorney dedicated to zealously protecting your interests in all tax proceedings before the IRS, both at the administrative level and in court. A Fred Zybell assists clients in Michigan and Florida, as well as throughout the country. We routinely handle complex and difficult cases involving IRS seizures, tax levies and garnishments, IRS tax fraud and failure to file investigations, payroll tax delinquencies, trust fund recovery penalties, federal and state tax liens, innocent spouse issues, collection due process hearings, IRS audits and appeals, offers in compromise, requests for abatement of penalties, allegations of white collar crime including tax evasion and willful failure to file. How can we help you?

Living with overwhelming tax debts can destroy not only your personal but your financial life as well.

Tax problems that seem insurmountable can be resolved with due diligence, creative thought and IRS experience. We enjoy nothing more than helping clients solve these life-changing problems and giving them a fresh start and a break from their IRS fears and concerns. It can be done.

About A. Fred Zybell

A. Fred Zybell has been licensed in the State of Michigan since June of 1981.  He is the co-author of “The Tax Reform Act of 1986 – Tax Shelters”, published by Prentice Hall.  During his 35+ years of practice, Mr. Zybell has represented hundreds of taxpayers in a variety of tax cases including tax shelter promoter and tax shelter investor cases.  He has also handled from initial consultation to resolution, a variety of tax cases at the audit, appeals and tax court levels.  He has also lectured and presented continuing legal and accounting education seminars for and on behalf of the Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants, as well as such publicly traded companies as Robert Half International, Inc. - a specialized provider of temporary, full-time project professionals in the fields of accounting and finance.

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*We extend a 15% courtesy discount to active duty and retired military personnel, law enforcement officers, firefighters and teachers. We respect, appreciate and value your service to our country and our communities.

Specializing in:

IRS Criminal Investigations Offers in Compromise Installment Agreement
Innocent Spouse Issues
Injured Spouse Claims
Statute of Limitations
Removing Tax Liens
Contesting IRS Levies
Tax Audit Representation
Collection Due Process Hearings
Administrative Appeals
Tax Court and Refund Litigation
Abatement of Penalties
Trust Fund Recovery Penalty
Unfiled Returns (Nonfiler Cases)
Tax Reduction Strategies
& More...

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IRS criminal investigations. The law office of A. Fred Zybell, Atty. practices tax law in all states including Michigan and Florida.



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